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Juniana Lanning began studying sound engineering and computer music composition in 1997 at Moorhead State University,  an environment rich with "new music" performers and composers.   Under the direction of composers Mary Lee Roberts, Henry Gwiazda, and James Harley, she became passionate about musique concrete and studio and computer-based composition,  as well as studio recording.  A fascination developed with the practice of hearing music as sound and sounds as music, leading her into the digital manipulation of sampled sounds.


After receiving her music degree,  Juniana moved to Portland, OR and became a mother and freelance recording engineer, while continuing to collect myriad sounds from her local environment.  In 2009, she teamed up with tape manipulator and Electric Shaman, Kyle Bouchard to form their duo, SevenEngines.  It was then that  her practice of sound sculpture moved from the controlled environment of the recording studio into a more real-time  improvisational performance.  You may find her participating in concerts by  The Extradition Series, an ongoing experimental workshop which  "seeks to draw musicians and audience into the moment, exchanging hard expectations for radical openness."  She also collaborates in live performances with members of Portland's Creative Music Guild.

In 2012 Juniana and her husband Chad teamed up with  John Shepski  and his wife Jennifer to start up local record label, Fluff and Gravy Records.  In 2013,  Juniana became lead recording engineer at Fluff and Gravy Studios where  she currently does recording, mixing and occasional sound design for the label's artists,  as well as for outside clients.  Juniana, Chad and John also perform as  Vacilando, in which she plays drums and sound samples, and sings.  She has also joined the roster of recording engineers at The Hallowed Halls Recording Studios in Portland.




As a composer, Juniana is inspired by organic, chance sounds.  Her work begins with familiar environmental sonic ingredients, collected through field recordings, and evolves through manipulation and layering of those sounds, with occasional electronic accoutrements.  The sounds are frequently sculpted through slow evolution and space.  She enjoys collaborating with performance artists and image creators, providing soundtracks for their works. 

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